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A Domain Name gives you a permanent and professional identity on the net.

With more than 500,000 domain names being registered every month, you need to act quickly to secure the name you want.

Our free Domain Parking service allows you to reserve your domain name without having to create a website on it.

You may select whichever extension you desire (.com, .org or .net) or choose to register your domain name in several extensions to help protect your trademark.

Valid characters for all domain names are: Letters, Numbers, and the Dash "-". Maximum length is 63 characters, including the extension. Domain Names are NOT case sensitive, so you can choose to capitalize them or not.


Is your Domain Available?



  Note: Domain Names registered through GlobaLink-Host will be registered in YOUR name by an ICANN accredited Registrar. Your name will be *live* within 24 hours.  


Top Level Domains

.com - Commercial
.net - Internet-related
.org - Non-profit




Three reasons why NOT to use your Internet Service Provider's  (ISP) Email and Web addresses:

If you change ISP's, your addresses will also have to change, making it difficult for customers and friends to find you;

They look unprofessional;

Your address may be long and hard to remember.